Our Mission

The Tayo Adediran Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of Indigent Nigerians by supporting initiatives that improve access to health and educational opportunities.

Our Vision

To contribute to building a Nigeria where all citizens have access to affordable quality health care, education and equal opportunities to actualize their potentials.

Partnership & Collaboration

The Foundation is aware of important actors and individuals working actively in our focus areas and we employ networking and partnership building as tools to expand our reach. We work towards establishing a wide array of collaborative relationships aimed at leveraging additional human and material resources to maximise our impact

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About TAF

Tayo Adediran Foundation is a private independent Nigerian philanthropic organization committed to improving the quality of life of Nigerians, by supporting primarily health and education interventions implemented by Not-for-profit, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) registered and working in Nigeria.

The Foundation was established in 2017 by Olutayo Anthony Adediran. became fully operational in 2018 and has continued to change the lives of Indigent Nigerians one cause at a time.

"Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead" - Thomas Aquinas.

Olutayo Anthony Adediran

Olutayo Anthony Adediran

CEO & Founder - Tayo Adediran Foundation (TAF)

Latest Campaigns

Donate to help our ongoing campaigns. Together we will make Nigeria better one cause at a time.

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Free Medical Health Tests

We will be conducting free medical screening for various ailments such as Diabetes, High blood pressure, Blood sugar levels, Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis, etc. for indigent residents of Oyo State with a preference for Ibadan and Ogbomoso areas of the State.

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Goal ₦ 500,000.00
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Help sponsor 50 kids education in Nigeria

Help sponsor 50 indigent school children in Nigeria with school fees, textbooks, school uniforms, sandals, school bags, and writing materials. Let us provide access to education for kids who aren't able to afford it.

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Goal ₦ 2 million
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Empowering 1000 Nigerian Youths with Skills and Trades

Help train 100 unemployed Nigerian youths with the following trades and skills: Tailoring, Alumium work, Hairdressing, Solar & Cable Installation, Shoe Making, Barbing, & Hair Dressing, Makeup Artistry, Medicure & Pedicure, Carpentry, Bag Making, Bead making, Farming.

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Goal ₦ 500 million
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